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If this becomes problematic, it is important to be aware that semi-automated structured file naming and storage software exists that can be used to help enforce and monitor adherence to naming and storage policies.

For details please refer to e Xadox White Paper: Semi-Automated Structured File Naming and Storage or visit

Everyone should be sensitized to the importance of diligently applying the naming policies and that deviating or compromising in policy adherence could have costly consequences to the organization.

Therefore it is incumbent on management that policy adherence be monitored as much as possible because there is always a natural tendency for participants to stray away mostly because of human factors.

By having all the essential information concisely in the file name itself, both the search and identification of the file is streamlined and more precise. Put sufficient elements in the structure for easy retrieval and identification but do not overdo it. Other characters may be interesting but visually confusing and awkward. Use the hyphen (-) to delimit words within an element or capitalize the first letter of each word within an element. Time should be ordered: HOUR, MINUTES, SECONDS (HHMMSS).

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Unfortunately, this important information has remained largely unavailable to the public, despite growing concerns about police misconduct and the excesses of the war on drugs.

In the days of managing paper files and folders, best practices were in place to ensure that paper-based assets were properly filed to facilitate retrieval.

So why not the same for electronic information assets?

To compensate and avoid confusion it is sometimes essential to prefix the name of the subfolder(s) to such file names.

Any effort to institute file / folder naming and storage policies may be initiated by anyone in an organization; however, to ensure success it is extremely important that such policies be dictated by the stakeholder with the highest authority.

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