100 dating red flags

A guy who’s boyfriend material is a little more likely to take his time rather than jump into something too personal with us right away.Not something he says in particular, per se, but the guy who can’t keep his mouth shut long enough for us to get a sentence out is the guy who will never allow us an equal part in any relationship.If he’s not feeling a date, there are a ton of other tactful reasons he could give to cut things short. look up our dates online before meeting them, especially if we’ve met them via an app like Tinder.In the age of catfishing, it’s natural for one to verify that the person we’ve been speaking with is who they say they are.Chances are, when a guy says this on a first date, he means it as a compliment.Maybe he means that we’re so funny or so smart or so athletic that he’s surprised at himself for picking us.This dude is so eager to get his thoughts out that he isn’t even registering what we’re saying.He’s so busy thinking of his responses and waiting for us to finish talking that he isn’t even actually listening. Maybe this guy is more into music or sports or cooking or whatever – reading isn’t necessarily a qualifier of one’s relationship capabilities.

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The guy who does this clearly has little to no respect for us or our feelings, and is definitely lacking in the politeness department. Hey, at least he’s saving us the trouble of having to plan a second date!If a dude is inviting us back to his place on the first date, though, it’s likely because he isn’t all that serious about us and wants to have his fun and leave.This isn’t to say that full-blown relationships can’t begin out of this arrangement, it’s just unlikely.Unfortunately, sometimes we go through the first date – or a few dates, or even a short-lived relationship – only to find out that our goals don’t match, we want different things, or whatever.It can be frustrating and painful, and then we do it all over again: hop back on Tinder or Bumble or Hinge, swipe left and right, match, message, and go out.

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