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Innovation Centre: Connectivity on par with the library and is very good. Note: Apple products have to bear the brunt of a recurring, still largely unresolved issue of not being able to connect merely to the login page. ION also offers it’s broadband services to private apartments in Manipal.They have both capped and unlimited data plans at various speeds, contact them at their toll-free number for more details and ask them to email their current Manipal price chart to you.The first few rows of the classrooms do get connected quite easily.It is strongest in the lecture halls numbered X03, X being the floor number.Among the app’s features is a handy section for you to check your data balance, and another to call and chat with customer care.

Your username is your registration number, the first two digits of which denote your year of joining, and you are more than welcome to use ‘manipalthetalk.net’ as your ‘top-secret’ password.

One of the best things about Manipal is the ubiquitous availability of Wi Fi wherever you go.

But there’s a caveat, the pervasiveness of ION doesn’t come uniformly, and there’s a fluctuation in its services over time and in different areas.

5th – 6th Blocks: The speed is decent at the best; you get a meagre 50kbps on an average during the day and a proper 110kbps during early morning (2 AM – 5 AM).

The main difficulty is the weak connectivity of the routers which leads to disconnection more than often.

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