Accommodating persons with disabilities

For graduates of four-year colleges, the employment rate, for both men and women, is 89.9%.

For college graduates with disabilities, the employment rate is 50.6%.

‘Labor day and people with disabilities’, 69% of the 5.1 million persons with disabilities are of working age (16 to 55-60).

Only 30% of them have a job and a stable income to support themselves and their family.

Fear is the biggest barrier, said former Congressman Tony Coelho, an epilepsy sufferer himself and one of the authors of the Americans with Disabilities Act: “It’s really fear of the unknown.” The best way to eliminate such fears, he argues, is to hire persons with disabilities.

“You’ll find out that a lot of those things that you’re fearful of are not true.” “I believe one of the main reasons that people with disabilities are consistently finding it difficult to gain employment is that employers tend to have this erroneous assumption that the disabled will likely under-perform in most areas of their duties.

Another reason could be that a majority of office set-ups do not have the specifications to cater for disabled personnel.” — Thirumalai Chandroo, Chairman of the education and training organization Modern Montessori International Group.This sheet provides anecdotal examples of the reasons given for not employing persons with disabilities, and the benefits to companies that have. Many are still hesitant to take on employees with disabilities because they believe they may create problems in the workplace.There is also the assumption that this type of appointment will incur cost as the workplace is changed to become disability-friendly.” — Gillian Marescia, an associate in the disability division for Drake Recruitment. One-third of the employers surveyed said that persons with disabilities cannot effectively perform the required job tasks.“They had never come into contact with a person with a disability, so the various preconceptions they had could never be openly discussed, such as: ‘Do you need them to telework? Scope stresses that most adjustments are small and cheap to make, and can benefit non-disabled staff. Many are able to work, want to work and simply need to be given the chance to show what they can do.“Motivation, loyalty and perseverance were some of the characteristics of employees with a disability,” said Amanda Calwell, General Manager of Wollongong employment agency.

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