Aci self consolidating concrete dating colonial knives

The information in this document is expected to inform concrete producers, users, and specifiers of SCC of known practices and processes.Because SCC is a viable solution to various concrete placement problems, ASTM has established Subcommittee C09.47, Self-Consolidating Concrete, to develop standard test methods for SCC.

How much vibration does an ICF wall need, and what is the best way to do it?

Today’s ICFs can withstand internal vibration, and nearly all manufacturers strongly encourage it. As recently as the late 1990’s, some ICF designs did not have the strength to handle adequate vibration.

Contractors were advised to use orbital sanders, reciprocating saws with the blade removed, or even to “bang on the blocks with a short length of 2x4.”Unfortunately, these methods do not provide sufficient consolidation.

Even more regrettably, these sub-par methods are still being used by some contractors.

Review an up-to-date installation manual or talk to the technical director at your preferred ICF company to get their latest recommendations about consolidation techniques.

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