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When a mysterious terrorist attack causes chaos in the cities, a group of friends take refuge in their countryside cabin. I was not sure what was wrong with the guy for the first half of the hour long movie, than just waited for him to snap.

But the challenges of living in a post-apocalyptic world soon take their toll on relationships within the group. There was zero emotion in Leila Arcieri's part,nothing.

Never mind the thousands upon thousands of Puerto Rican, Dominican, African American, Polish and Italian families who'd been living in Williamsburg and Bushwick since...forever; and if we want to get white, the countless artists, creatives and LGBT people who lived and worked there in the 80s/90s. It's captivating, because it's unlike anything I've ever experienced. And it happens to reflect the value system that I agree with.

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Aside from last year's movie, Grenier biggest, recent feat has been establishing the Lonely Whale Foundation (which hones in on ocean pollution), along with his producing partner, Lucy Sumner (who is also Sting's daughter-in-law!This is a PSA — a plastic service announcement — designed to get your attention.” The exhibit features a ’90s Room, where actress Zooey Deschanel stars in a “tongue-in-cheek infomercial” about plastic water bottles.It also has a plastic-free Coral Room, which reveals what the ocean could look like without plastic pollution.This relationship caused the movie to go into a temporary shutdown after Vince wouldn't stop harassing Mandy since Mandy declined his wedding proposal after only dating for a short period of time.Today is your last chance to tour New York City’s first pop-up Museum of Plastic, curated by actor Adrian Grenier, a Fort Greene resident and the co-founder of Lonely Whale, an environmental advocacy group.

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