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The team look forward to being able to install into further homes in the new year and to start analysing the data collected.

Beginning in January 2016, a team of researchers from Open Lab, Newcastle University joined the SPHERE team working on the development of the SPHERE Genie, the interface used to control the SPHERE system.

For our final activity, we brought together 11 Friends of SPHERE for a workshop.

In this workshop, the Friends of SPHERE completed a data profile of their home, sharing aspects of their life and home with us.

There will also be research challenges sent out through the Genie, where people can take part in extra activities around the deployments.

This led to an offer of Ph D within the SPHERE’s environmental and on-body sensing group.

We also had the opportunity to meet many of the Friends of SPHERE in the Knowle West Media Centre and used this as an opportunity to talk about what the walls of our homes might say about us, if they could talk.

This gave us a chance to speak to the Friends of SPHERE and, potentially, those who may have the system in their home about any privacy concerns this may bring.

We then had a discussion around the type of information people shared and any concerns they may have had about sharing this information.

We also provided different visualisations of data taken from the SPHERE house and tried to work together to make sense of what they communicated.

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