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The program requires entering into a program agreement /Mutually Agreed upon Plan (MAP), which includes goals and objectives/strategies that focus on reducing risk by addressing the ten domains of the Levels of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R).The program includes institutional and community treatment, participation in AA/NA, education and vocational training, employment, and community services.Centre provides three types of transitional living facilities: Halfway House and/or Residential Re-Entry Centers (Mandan, Fargo, & Grand Forks), a Quarter Way house in Fargo, and transitional and permanent housing (apartment complex) for Veterans in Fargo.

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The statutes relevant to the Board can be found in Chapter 27-11 of the North Dakota Century Code.

The transitional residential facilities are staffed on a twenty-four hour a day basis.

Although most residents are allowed to leave the facility for work and programming purposes, they must sign out and in with staff approval prior to leaving and upon return.

is a North Dakota nonprofit agency that was formed in the mid 1970s to assist the courts and other mainstream public agencies in providing community-based treatment services to establish halfway houses and other programs as a cost-effective rehabilitative program and/or intermediate measure/sanction as well as an adjunct to parole and probation supervision.

Centre Inc’s mission is to provide rehabilitative services to individuals to achieve social re-integration. has been to provide for the public safety by offering specialized programs in the state that can effectively monitor, house, & rehabilitate individuals outside of institutions, jails, and prisons. programming focuses on treating criminogenic and/or destructive behavior and thinking, with services tailored to each individuals needs.

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