Adult dating sites ripoff repot

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The worst part is I paid around £35 quid for this terrible experience.

It was only by chance after joining that I stumbled across the site I intended to join, uk…

Read Full Review Joining this site for the first time i accidentally set the wrong membership option .

Intending to take out a one month subscription i pressed the button and within seconds had purchased a 6month package at substantially more .

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I sent at 7.00pm EST 7/11/2014 to the sites “contact us” process “ I am concerned Samantha, 64 from Canterbury, VIC is a site hoax you have in place to get me to sign up and spend money.It is aimed at tourists who are new to China, and are eager to experience something typically ‘Chinese’.Although the tea scammers are also active in Beijing (), they famously operate around Shanghai’s People’s Park.Because his son initially received a (fake) admission letter from the university, the Lu family did not immediately discover they were scammed.When they did, their money was gone, and the son was not registered at any university at all.

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