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Quebec City mosque shooting: A mass shooting occurred at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Philippe Couillard called the shooting a terrorist attack, Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy: Doudou Diène, in a report prepared by the UN Commission on Human Rights released on 7 March 2006, mentioned the publishing of the cartoons at the heart of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy regarding, "The development of Islamophobia or any racism and racial discrimination ..." In 2010 France banned face coverings including women wearing the niqab.

She had just given evidence against her attacker who had used insults against her because she wore an Islamic headscarf.

El-Sherbini was called "Islamist", "terrorist" and (according to one report) "slut".

The police had been watching the mosque because it had already been the target of multiple attacks.

Six Muslim students at Queen's University were attacked by four men, one of whom wielded a baseball bat and who yelled various racial epithet.

Another Larry Pickering cartoon auctioned at the fundraiser depicted an Imam as a pig (in Islam the consumption of all pork products is considered haram or forbidden), being spit roasted, with a "halal certified" stamp on its rump.

Anti-Muslim graffiti was smeared on the walls of the building of the Chief Mufti's Office.

Instead, authorities state the perpetrator was haunted by delusions of a world overrun by Islam.

A Muslim cemetery was desecrated with about ten gravestones smashed, spurring a spontaneous demonstration by around 30 members of the Turkish minority living in the city.

The French Collective against Islamophobia reported "an explosion" in the number of physical attacks on women wearing the niqab.

Kenza Drider, a protester against the law, said: "I'm insulted about three to four times a day.

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