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That’s because you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.You take the time to really get to know people instead of falling in love with the fantasy.stalk his Instagram account to see what he was up to)?

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There are so many areas of your life that can benefit from you taking a break from dating — maybe you need to hit the gym more, travel more, spend more time with family — and it really does require a lot of time and effort to devote yourself to self-improvement.

Online dating teaches you that not getting a call isn’t the worst thing in the world. Is your list of dating requirements longer than Repunzel’s hair?

Mine was too: he had to be at least 6’ tall, like to spoon, and only eat carbs on Tuesdays.

Talking to new people all day long is tiring, and you'll breathe a sigh of relief when you're not always checking your phone *just one more time* to see if that guy on Tinder messaged you back yet.

When you aren't actively dating, it's like a #TBT to the olden days when the only way to meet someone was out in the wild, at a bar or club with your friends.

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