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In one episode a women is shown moaning to her husband for more anesthesia while on the operating table and throwing up in her hospital room because she misses her five-year-old son.[Source: AP] In July 2006 China imposed a ban on television and radio advertising of products that promised breast enhancement, weight loss or increased height.Those on the losing team go through various other trials to decide who comes back and who goes home.In the “PK,” or “Player Kill”, segment two contestants face off against one another issuing questions, challenges and taunts under a timing and buzzer system with the audience at the end determining which player gets “killed.” "China's Got Talent” has featured armless paino players, disabled modern dancers and break-dancing migrant workers, has been a hit since its launch in July, despite skepticism among some viewers about whether all the participants' stories are genuine.The Dragon TV program is drawing attention to the hopes and challenges of the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged in China.

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Han points out that most contestants in recent years have been run of the mill, and are no match to the early stars such as Li Yuchun and Zhang Liangying.

"When a reality singing show cannot identify and celebrate people with a stunning voice, how can you expect people to watch it," Han asks.

The Beijing news service reported: “Recently some medical organizations have exaggerated the results of treatment provided using experts and previous patients on television commercials to mislead others." Reality television singing competitions, the once king of reality shows on China's small screen, are losing their bite, the China Daily reported.

Li Hao, director of the editor's office, Hunan Satellite Television, says talent shows, where participants not only sing, but also dance and present mime and acrobatics, help create a more multifaceted stage.

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