Antigua dating

The majority of the white population is ethnically Irish and British, and Portuguese. A simple google search "Abracadabras Antigua" and you will find there location.These clubs are one of the best clubs on the island.It is all that the girls know, be direct and don't be afraid to sweet talk the girl.I asked my friends on this one and they told me that, In antigua first dates are always paid by the guy but if there is a relationship between the girl and guy then on other dates, the bill is split between the two. Most locals go to the Cinema as a first date, except for me, I would go to a bar which would probably be at night, since most do not open until PM.

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The skinny ones are sexy, but finding a face above a 5 (five) will not be easy.

They have both locals and tourist going to them, but I have to note to you that coming during "tourist season" won't help you much and the Nightlife (clubs) won't help you get top tier talent.

This is what I realy on in Antigua to meet women, when it is not Carnival.

The women at this University are very attractive and they live on the island for 2-4 years before they leave and go to the USA.

I would difficult target the AUA talent if I you want to get laid.

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