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I would go so far as to say sexual harassment is endemic to Morocco.

Not only is it widespread and rampant, it is largely culturally accepted as something that has always existed and will always exist.

I was forewarned and you probably will be too, but I didn’t let those warnings stop me and you shouldn’t either.

Morocco is an incredibly enchanting nation, each city so different, distinct and delightful.

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In a nation that is 99% Muslim, that prides itself on strict reverence to family, high respect and regard for women, and modesty in behavior and dress, Morocco is far from faultless and has a long way to go on this issue.It is a cancer here and there is a very common mentality that it change because, well, men are men.And here’s the clincher: NO woman is immune from it.He was a true gentleman who was kind, generous, helpful and not seeking anything in return. I am in love with Morocco and I will never for a minute regret moving here.When the day comes in which I must depart, I will leave with a sad and heavy heart.

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