Are kristin and dannielle dating

While Danielle may be happily celebrating her divorce, Marty, on the other hand, is feeling bittersweet.“Relief comes as I have finally reached the end of the twisted road I was dragged down.

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But what's the latest on Wells and Danielle, now that she is back from her trip and is over?I am looking forward to moving on in life with my supportive and loving family and friends around me.However, Danielle and I did fall in love, and it is sad to part from each other this way after experiencing something special together.”“I do think the show led to the destruction of our relationship.I’m very curious about how Danielle plans on coming up with the money to buy her M house.all about the real housewives bravo danielle staub danielle staub engaged Danielle Staub wedding margaret josephs Marty Caffrey real housewives gossip real housewives of new jersey season 9 real housewives of new jersey season 9 cast rhonj rhonj season 9 RHONJ season 9 cast RHONJ season 9 storylines the real housewives the real housewives blog the real housewives of new jersey Lara began writing for All About TRH in October 2014.

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