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If you remember these points, you’ll be able to go through online dating more smoothly.

Try to think about your profile as your advertisement (without lying!

This is because you will find that many people like to know some physical facts before they make their decision of whether to start a relationship with someone.

Country of origin: It is always nice to write something about your original country if you are new to the USA.

Follow these rules, and you should be able to avoid some treacherous romantic pitfalls. Hateful, spiteful, petty, rude, irritable, crabby, ill-tempered, hot-tempered, or just plain mean — if you date someone who fits that description, you are setting yourself up for a serious blow to your self-esteem.

Almost all relationships of this kind end; it’s a lucky person who finds even one relationship that lasts forever.

A person who behaves towards others in a way you don’t like will eventually behave toward you in the exact same way. It’s tempting to get into relationships with people you are friends with — you like each other, you have common interests, you get along, you enjoy being together, it’s comfortable — and sometimes it can be great. Your feelings are bound to show themselves eventually, and then this person you genuinely care about will feel foolish and used.

Always assume that anything you dislike about a person is an immutable quality.

You might be tempted to think that Jane won’t treat you the way he treats Joe, because you are nothing close to the loser that Joe is. Friendly love is not a substitute for romantic love.

When you get involved with someone who acts like a jerk under normal circumstances, just imagine how they will be when the relationship ends.

Rule #2: Don’t date anyone hoping they will change.

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