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It's these old and often outdated beliefs that many whites revere which come from the same family of beliefs that whites are greater than other racial groups.

My greatest success was with the more liberal, educated women in the somerville/Cambridge area. I banged just one Asian woman cause the Asian women there are in love with white dudes.

To sum it up quickly, Asian Bros on the West coast have a large Asian community and as a result more exposure to other communities.

Asian Bros on the East coast in Boston, aside from Chinatown, Quincy, or Dorchester good luck. As a local, the Jew Brookline/Newton ABC white washed kiddos are equally as bad with the insular faux macho/class snobbery.

Hi, I'm an Asian American male in my 20's considering moving to Boston.

One thing I'm a bit concerned about is the dating situation for asian males in Boston.

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