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You may get this information online by visiting Alois Treindl's Astrodienst Atlas Database web site.

Or call ACS at 1-800-888-9983 or Astrolabe at 1-800-843-6682 and order The American Atlas and/or The International Atlas for about each. TTF, from your c:\windows\system directory or your application directory into your c:\windows\fonts directory.

Download Astro123 for natal, relationship (synastry), and transit reports, dual cosmodynes, keywords, tutorials, and more!

Download Astro Win for progressions, solar arcs, transits, solar and lunar returns, dual cosmodynes, planetary hours, diurnals, primary directions, astro-relocation maps, AND numerology.

Download Pop HR if you like to use planetary hours and see what planetary hour you are currently in.

Download SE_Cycles for calculating planetary aspectarians and exact aspect times - and more.Download RF_Ephem_SE if you want an ephemeris generator & aspectarian for geo or helio, tropical or sidereal zodiacs - and more.Download Vocation for natal reports and vocational analysis calculations, keywords, tutorials, and more!To install: unzip the file, then run OR if the downloaded file is a file, then just run it.In order to properly use these programs, you will need to know the longitude, latitude, and time zone for the birth date and location you are working with.

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