Astrology and dating

It's a numbers game, and this feature does not improve the odds of finding someone you really connect with.

My Venus is in Sagittarius, a very independent sign, which explains why I was ultimately incompatible with a former lover who had a Cancer sun who also had a Venus in Cancer.However, when we note that his rising sign is in Aquarius, the other-worldly sign of the unusual water-bearer known for their alien properties, it makes perfect sense that Bowie was seen as such an ethereal and inspirational being.His moon (which is in Leo) explains the powerful diva's love of the limelight and how he used his Capricorn business sense to become a star." I'm a Scorpio and relate to many Scorpio traits — I admit that sometimes I do come across as the sex and death-obsessed jealous person that we get a bad reputation for.However, I, along with every other human on the planet, am so much more than my sun sign.

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