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It is also stated that he built a great observatory and planetarium to help with accurate observations, although this is largely built upon tradition rather than hard evidence.

Unlike other cultures charting the stars at this period, astrologers were separate from astronomers and their job was to interpret occurrences and omens portended in the sky.As the astronomers began to chart regular events, such as lunar eclipses, these were removed from the realm of astrologers, who Emperors consulted before every major decision.As a result, the Chinese developed an extensive system of the zodiac designed to help guide the life of people on Earth.Other measurements included measuring the number of times that the sun and moon overlap, proposing 27.21223 times, which is very close to 27.21222 as we know today; using this number he successfully predicted an eclipse four times during 23 years (from 436 to 459).Yi Xing (683-727) was a monk who studied many of the methods and beliefs of Indian astronomy and mathematics, under the auspices of the Tang Dynasty.

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