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He committed every fold and crease of her pussy to his memory, knowing that he would spend the rest of his life jerking off to the image in front of him.Suddenly, her body slumped down over him as she slid down from her perch.She was glowing not just from her past two orgasms but also knowing that there was more to come.He couldn't resist anymore and reached up to grab her breasts.He started out with a long slow pass of his tongue along the entire length of her pussy.He could tell by her reaction that he was doing a good job, which encouraged him to continue.Rachel was in heaven as her son gently bit down on her clit with his teeth.He tugged on her flesh and rolled it between his lips. Don't stop licking my pussy..." She pleaded for him to make her cum again.

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Jason gently sucked on her pussy, pulling her lips between his. Jason's tongue pushed past his lips and against hers.He pushed the two straps from her shoulders and pulled down to reveal her milky white breasts.He grabbed onto her breasts in each hand and massaged her as he eased his cock back inside of her.Jason's tongue pressed against his mother's body until her pussy yielded and spread apart for him.He was struck by the softer, smoother texture of her skin inside of her pussy.

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