Autodesk inventor drawing not updating

"easy Data Box for Autodesk® Inventor®“, easily purges styles, engineering standards, and i Properties.The app optimizes scale description and can change title blocks automatically.This README file highlights how to install this hotfix and other important information regarding this update.This hotfix resolves an issue where the referred Inventor assembly does not unlock after updating the drawing via executing a job with JBSProp Update command in Productstream Professional Jobserver, when working with Inventor 2011.Silly one first but have you pressed the little lightning flash update button. Its easy in inventor to get a mess of cross referancing files as it does not place the drawing file automatically in the same file as the part came from as SW does.Are you using Inventor idw or Inventor dwg files not the Autocad dwg files which may not update so well. I've tried the update, update global and rebuild all command without success. I tried both inventor dwg and idw files with the same result.These models not only take a very long time to open, but they are also cumbersome to view, manipulate, and work with.The performance and capacity ramifications are significant, and ultimately lead to significant loss in productivity and affect overall user experience.

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released this Productstream Professional 2011 hotfix which addresses that JBSProp Update does not unlock a referred assembly when updating a drawing.If i delete the view and insert again it is correctly updated.This seems to be happen when the change is minor (change model dim by 0.100") Should update automatically.You raised an interesting point about about cross-linked files.I made some tests today and believe I can get the views to update by closing the idw file, changing, updating, saving then closing the the model and reopening the idw file. IDW's will only update once you have saved the model and sometimes hit the update button.

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