Azdg dating united state azerbaijan

The timing of the new aid package is noteworthy because while U.

S.-Iran tensions have spiked since Donald Trump became president in 2017, Azerbaijan-Iran relations are enjoying a period of relative calm.

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The report was obtained by SAM and provided to Eurasianet.

The money is earmarked for vehicles including 15 high-speed boats, 14 “underwater target detection” systems, 25 pickup trucks, and 34 all-terrain vehicles. military aid to Azerbaijan is nominally restricted by a provision in the law known as Section 907, but since 2001 that restriction has been regularly waived.

Sanamyan was the first to publicly identify the Azerbaijani funding, and noted that while Azerbaijan has been getting a big boost the U. “The strengthening of Azerbaijan’s control over its land, sea, and air borders meets the strategic interests of the U.

S., whose companies have invested many billions of dollars in oil and gas projects in the Caspian, and the U. military conducts transit to Afghanistan via Azerbaijan,” said a member of Azerbaijan’s parliament, Rasim Musabeyov, the news website 1reported.

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