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Note: A change of circumstances received before can be automatically backdated up to a maximum of three months.A change of circumstances received on or after can be automatically backdated up to a maximum of one month.Dr Andrew Lancaster The Child Support Agency [now defunct] has its own legislation and a formula which staff use to determine how much a parent should be paying...It is not possible to try and reduce your income by strategies such as salary sacrifice or negative gearing of rental properties.Never be motivated to get out of paying child support by resentment of the other parent, the DHS, the family court, the system, or anything else.Whatever your particular circumstances, a negative attitude will most likely lead to poor decisions.Theoretically everybody still registers for Child Benefit even if they are a higher rate tax payer for various reasons (pension entitlement, child is in system to receive NI card etc.) However, if you want to avoid filling in a self assessment form you can opt out of receiving Child Benefit while still being registered as eligible.If it becomes apparent part way through the year (or even the following January) that you will not meet the £60K threshold is it then possible to claim back the money you have opted not to received to date?

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This is to confirm if your changes can be made or if the claim needs to be sent to a specialist team.

They said they were not aware of this and no one told them about this claim.

They tried to request this from HMRC and they have backdated it only for 3 months and refusing to backdate it further.

Following changes to the Childcare Voucher scheme, we have created a ‘Back to Basics Guide to Childcare Vouchers’ – read the guide in full here.

Hello Team, I have recently taken over a new client and realsied they have not claimed Child Benefit for the last 4 years and their income is below £50k.

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