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There will be an intermission of ten niinutes before the symphony. The work was nowhere well received by the public, Weber's free dramatic treatment of the recitative and the scena being considerably in advance of the age ; and the libretto was too miserably poor to be acceptable even after the music had come to be better understood. OUR MODEL GARMENTS (ORIGINAL AND IMPORTED), ARE MORE ATTRACTIVE, AND OUR VARIETY OF CLOTHS, SILKS, ETC., IS LARGER AND HANDSOMER, THAN ANY WE HAVE SHOWN IN PREVIOUS SEASONS. After the opening phrases of the second theme the accompaniment grows more rhythmically animated, with flowing arpeggj in the second violins and 'cel H. The Nightingale has a Lyre of Gold, .40 Herman, Reinhold L. This unwritten part for organ or harpsichord was technically known as the " accompaniment " ; this term had a very specific meaning in Handel's day.

In it he departed from the traditional form of German opera, in which the musical numbers were connected by spoken dialogue, substituting musical recitative for the latter, according to Italian tradition and that of the French grand opera. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ V* Ballard and Sons* THE BALLARD SAFETY RIDING HABITS, DRIVING COATS, CLOTH GOWNS, RAINY-DAY SUITS, EMPIRE COATS, GOLF COSTUMES, and SHIRT WAISTS. This second theme seems to float calmly past us as on the un- ruffled waters of some mountain lake. Goodrich has transcribed for organ the third movement & *«f tm. To be sure, its use was usually indicated, by terms such as Organo, Cembalo, or Contitiuo, written opposite the bass staff of the score ; but ;such indications were by no means invariable, and, even in their absence, one can find other signs of the use of such instruments being contemplated by the composer.* Frequent thorough-bass figuring under the bass part is the plainest indication, for the full harmony corresponding to this figuring could only be played on a keyboard instrument ; and the idea that com- posers jotted down thorough-bass figuring for nothing — when they omitted so much more — is not to be entertained.

Half a teaspoon in half a glass of water affords quick relief when depressed, or weary from overwork, worry, insom- nia or other nerve-destroying conditions. The passage is borrowed from Eglantine's vision of old Emma's ghost, in the third act of the opera, but has here an entirely sylvan charac- ter of twilight mystery. Of course something was written ; but this something was only the bass — the part played by the orchestral basses — with or without thorough-bass figuring. Probably it never will be entirely settled to everybody's satisfaction. Allegro (C minor) - - - - - - 3-4 Trio (C major) ------- 3-4 IV. Every licensee shall not, in his place of amusement, allow any person to wear upon the head a covering which obstructs the view of the exhibition or performance in such place of any per- son seated in any seat therein provided for spectators, it being understood that a low head covering without projection, which does not obstruct such view, may be worn. Com- mentators have more than once pointed out the striking general similarity between the characters of Adolar and Euryanthe, and Lysiart and Eglan- tine in Euryanthe, and those of Lohengrjn and Elsa, and Telramund and c A Tonic and Nerve Food Horsford's Acid Phosphate. Now -we come upon one of the most originally poetic episodes in all Weber. In those days, a "good accompanist" was not one who played sympathetic accompani- ments to singers or solo instruments, but one who could develop the unwritten "accompaniment" (organ or harpsichord part) into full harmony according to the rules of the art. (19) fill, and honest men on both sides, and the question can in no wise be regarded as settled yet. City of Boston, Revised Regulation of August 5, 1898.— Chapter 3, relating to the covering^ of the head in places of public amusement. The text is based on an old French romance, Histoire de Gerard de Nei^ers et la belle et vertueiese Euryant de Savoie, sa mie. Then the brilliant initial rush of the orchestra returns once more, a strong climax is reached, and then all gradually dies away to silence over an organ-point on B-flat, the strings persistently harping on the rhythm of the dotted eighth and six- teenth. It did not mean, as it does now, the sum of all the instrumental parts accompanying one or more voices, but the part played by the organ or harpsichord, accompanying the other instruments. (1) /, Established 1823 Established 1823 /-7 ---^TT? Karl Maria von Weber - - - Overture to ** Euryanthe '' George Frideric Handel - - Concerto for Organ, No. One often finds in his scores that the thorough-bass figuring is most elaborate just where the written-out instrumental parts are most complete, and leave no gap whatever in the harmony. (13) operation of a keyboard-instrument with indubitable clearness. The text-book has been lost, but the story of the drama is known to have been as follows : — Rosamunde, Princess of Cyprus, after being brought up as a shepherdess, is told her real rank on coming of age. A set of easy piano pieces, mostly seeonil grade, clearly printed, and having a charming title-page. 7 (First time in Boston.) % I, Adagrio (D minor) _--___ 4.4 II. This theory, however, is untenable — at least, as far as regards Handel. * The text was originally intended for the libretto of an opera, and was hastily written in five days by the authoress ; it was so wretched that the work was with- drawn from the stage after only two performances.

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