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Despite the fact that we know you're an absolute ride, international dating agency have once again been ranking Irish men and it doesn't make good reading, especially if you're from Limerick.

The website has said that only one in ten of the Irish males who applied to have an account with them were accepted. Things are looking good for Irish women though because our cailín's have beenvoted the ninth best-looking in the world.

We are naturally curious and dig deep to build a ‘big picture’ view, considering the organisational culture, challenges and business objectives.

More The team at Honeycomb are passionate about supporting our customers in achieving their potential, whether that be an organisation realising business growth with the support of a candidate that we have recruited, or a job seeker landing their dream job due to an opportunity we have connected them with.

If you need some comforting then remember that this website 'forgot' to leave off 27 other counties.

Unlike some free senior dating sites, our list of dating sites for the over forties in Belfast have been researched and reviewed to ensure you get to choose from the best over 40s dating sites in Belfast!

We take the time to meet with you personally and to understand your motivations and career goals.

More We take the time to understand your business, not just the job brief.

We consider our candidates as an extension of our team, so it is important to us that you are happy.

Unlike many free senior dating sites, the ones we've reviewed are dedicated in their goal of creating meaningful relationships for senior singles.

As online dating has developed dating sites in Belfast and the UK have recognised that growing demand for over 40s dating, with it often being one of the most engaged and successful group of online daters.

The survey also revealed the 5 most popular locations where Irish users of the website are from and how these areas ranked in terms of ugliness.

Here's how the 5 most popular areas ranked, from being ugly to really, really,ridiculously good looking. The people who took this survey must be a bunch of gowls. This website clearly doesn't know that West is best.

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