Best blogs for dating advice

If you’re like me and can’t imagine a life that doesn’t include some sort of “work,” you’ll enjoy the Unretirement Project blog.Regardless of whether retirement seems appealing or not, it’s a life stage that most people experience at some point.

Authors Anne and Cheryl, are committed to enjoying and experiencing every minute of this life and want to help you do the same, whether that’s through advancing your career, spending more time with your family, dating or a combination of all of the above and more.Learn how to balance school, family, friends, and relationships.For many of us, Thanksgiving kicks off a season of celebration which doesn’t really seem to stop until sometime in January. So many of us have a message to share with the world — and you never know who may be in need of hearing exactly what another blogger has to say on any given day.Whether it’s about politics and current events or fitness and food, each and every topic is important to someone.

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