Best dating advice for women from men

Instead she saw a blubbering fool that was full of insecurity and horrible pick up lines. To this day, when any of them have a question about women they come to me and I explain it to them straight.I realized I had to stop offering SOFT advice to my guy friends and deliver what any great female friend would do. Over the years, I have advised my friends on how to get the girl, older women, younger women, sex, relationships, girls who flake, girls who are obsessed with them, attraction, one night stands, girls who don’t return calls, what happens when girls are “moody”, female testing, female insecurity. Because of my advice my friends became some of the most sought after men I know. And when they got into relationships they knew what to do.You are a MAN and you experience the world very differently than a woman.

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Skip the endless hours of trial and error, the wasting of countless dollars on systems that don’t work and the constant rejection from women.

I guarantee you will never have to worry about being confused by women again! My name is Marni and as you already know I am of the female persuasion!

I have always been that girl who was able to hang with the boys.

It is unique because we understand that there are 6 stages of interaction with women. Stage : Divorce Each stage comes with a new batch of questions and confusions.

as well as specific scenarios based on the personalities involved.

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