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Most of the best dating sites in our list offer both, though.We looked at today’s most popular dating websites and apps and rated their matching tools, costs, ease of use, messaging, security and other features to find the best dating site of 2019.You answer questions about not only about your appearance, but also about your religious beliefs and career.You then fill out a comprehensive survey regarding what you want in a partner.The profile setup survey asks a wide range of questions and took our reviewers about 25 minutes to complete, the longest of any dating service we tested.You're also quizzed about your potential mate as well, asking you to decide how important it is that your potential matches have certain personality traits like morality, reliability and risk-taking.There is also an eharmony app that's easy to use, making this a great service to try if you want a thorough experience.Elite Singles asks questions not only about how you look physically but what you’re like as a person.

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The free mobile app is also well designed and easy to use.

Many people now prefer to use dating apps on their phones, rather than dating sites on their home computers.

In fact some of the dating apps we reviewed only work with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

You also answer these questions from the perspective of your ideal mate to ensure you are paired with compatible people.

Along with up to six photos, you can also add more information to your profile about your lifestyle. On top of that, about half of them were an 80 percent match or higher, meaning they are much more likely to be a compatible match.

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