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Even if you somehow find out where she’s going, you’re not going to embarrass yourself by coming inside.🙂 Next thing you know, she takes two steps out of the bar, flags a taxi and is gone to who-knows-where again. Your best bet is to have a friendly relationship to your kids so they trust you with information rather than evading you, which is insanely easy to do.Your daughter’s sitting down eating with you, her phone vibrates, she reads the text and floats out the door and your information after that is ZERO.If you think you’re slick by being nosey and going through her phone, you probably won’t get Rihanna’d up, but the guy’s phone number is going to have a girl’s name on it and there won’t be any valuable information in the text stream, so your snooping won’t get you anywhere.

When the old-ass people were interviewed, they either shrugged their shoulders like “I don’t know why” or said something to the effect of “That’s how it’s always been” like as if they’re still watching 13″ Black & White Televisions because that’s what they had when they grew up. My island (Manhattan, New York City) has A MILLION PEOPLE ON IT. To never have those relationships to look to as potential examples you can learn from.

Worst-case scenario, if the bathroom has a lock on it, it’s ON!

😉 It’s not so much that people aren’t TRYING to be in our business here.. 😀 There are too many places to be, too many ways to get around and too many ways to communicate.

If you try to stop her, it’s only going to make her feel more ravenous for what you don’t want her to have and she’s going to maximize the time she DOES get with this guy.. 😀 Make it clear to her what you feel and what your values are and what you’re hoping for her future and if y’all have a decent relationship to each other, she MIGHT keep your desires in mind when she’s in the streets doing whatever she wants to do. It’s tough enough to avoid your FRIENDS getting in your business about who you should or shouldn’t date and why. If they were worried about YOU, they’d want you to date someone that puts a smile on your face and returns you home safely to your crib every. If you live in the sticks, you might have to eat it for a while until you can get a job and get your own place so you can stop hearing “As long as you’re under MY roof, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”.

It’s tougher to have to deal with your parents putting in their two cents about the situation. Hopefully, by the time you get out from under the oppression, you still have a LOVING feeling towards your parents. Sometimes, you’re dating a CRUMB and you don’t recognize it because you feel so in love with this guy right now..

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