Blind dating 2016 soundtrack

The features section of the disc kicks off with a clip-heavy making-of featurette, which tries to add depth to a movie about a blind virgin trying to see or get laid, whichever comes first.

It gets seriously comical when the director talks about the complex choices the actors made (to swear or not to swear?

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If nothing else, the DVD of Blind Dating really emulates the experience of going on a blind date: you go in with a mixture of hope and fear, you start off pleasantly surprised and then quickly fall into despair when it’s not as bad as you expected…it’s worse.

But malls are part of our culture, if you watched any teen comedy in the '80s.

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To soften the blow, Leeza assures Danny that she too is a virgin, as if this news really makes getting dumped any more pleasant.

As Danny’s surgery puts his life at risk, Leeza has to weigh her responsibilities to her family against the yearnings of her heart.

Even the realistic brotherly chemistry between Pine and Thomas can’t save the flick, which isn’t too surprising considering most of their scenes together also include prostitutes or horrible one-liners.

Unless you’re looking for some quality unintentional comedy, Blind Dating isn’t worth seeing.

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