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However, it is soft at the very top and there are none that jump out as obvious DVD Pick of the Week contenders. However, given the nature of the movie, it should have a successful tour of art house theaters in major cities, but it will never play in multiplexes.

After years of thanklessly helping Robbie achieve one goal after another, Bill finally catches a break when he finds a connection with the charming Rose (Slate, Obvious Child, Zootopia), who is dealing with her own crisis.

But when Rose starts dating Robbie, Bill must decide if he can finally put his own happiness over his brother’s and compete for the ultimate prize.

The opportunity to see Scott, Kroll, and Slate bounce off each other seems like money in the bank, and I’m happy to see these actors, along with co-star Zoe Kazan, in just about anything.

Judging from the trailer, this could be a cute movie with just enough of an edge that it doesn’t fall into empty sentiment or situations that would necessitate a laughtrack.

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