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April 04, 2019 The Story Behind the Story: "When Gravity Lets Go" In the small town of Sylacauga, Alabama, there is a spot on Gravity Hill Lane where gravity does indeed appear to let go. I was worried that I might find myself bored, writing endlessly in a dark room with no social life. June 24, 2019 "The Undead" Ryan said that he needed to call his girlfriend, and I wandered back to the living room and dropped into the recliner and pulled the wooden lever on the right, so the footrest popped my feet into the ... And here I’d been summoned, yet again, to get her out of that house. August 02, 2019 "There is Always So Much" What we did that summer: we hung around torn-down barns and took photos of each other with that old camera and screwed them up after, with pen knives and Duct tape. July 29, 2019 "Lies" To my kids I’m telling piles of lies: That the Abyssinians peed in the burial urns of their ancestors; that Columbus had a twin sister; something fantastic about Kurdish trade routes. December 12, 2014 "A Rest" There in the Carr Avenue house on an early spring evening in the year of the Great Shedding, the two youngest Corrigan brothers came to dinner when called. So many days, I sat at my little red and white table and chair to loop circles on scr... Professional musicians brought their instruments ... July 19, 2019 "Margaret Atwood in Paradise" In paradise, they are forever putting on makeup and sweating out of it.It's really only a slight incline, not a hill, but the narrow, black-top road ... August 05, 2019 "160" Not many people knew what I knew about my brother and his wife. August 23, 2018 "The Shedding" The year Milo Corrigan turned twelve was the freak year of the Great Shedding when all over Westchester County spring leaves fell and lay on the ground in spongy heaps of green. August 22, 2018 "Joan Ponders Spit" It was Christmas day, so Joan was bored. Her daughter had cried because she hadn’t gotten enough to open, although she had specifically said that all sh... You can tell time by the number of times they sit before the mirror in one or another thatch and straw room with one or another ... Murphy who taught us how to drown kittens in the lake. The Murphy’s owned the lumberyard with the warehouse.

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Families stood at the only intersection in town, surveying the damage. July 25, 2019 The Story Behind the Story: "When Gravity Lets Go" In the small town of Sylacauga, Alabama, there is a spot on Gravity Hill Lane where gravity does indeed appear to let go. In this segment of our series, Rita Ciresi reads "Hot Yoga." [soundcloud id='168216... I’m over here in the lane next to you and noticed you’re bowling very well tonight.” “That’s quite kind.” “I also noticed—being one lane to the right—that you’ve brought your baby al...Alice stops in the middle of the room and drops her bags to the ... Someone said to me on the day I was getting divorced, "Just remember, your children are as foreign to you as the spouse you bore them with." My childr...August 16, 2019 "Deadbolt" I work from a small room in our loft, and Alice is always after me to get out more. July 12, 2019 "Levitation" My daughter goes belly first down the slide, the skin below her shorts squeaking against the hot plastic.May 25, 2019 "Fugue of the Sunbathers" A little girl of maybe four or five. May 01, 2019 "Highball" He’s in the soft green center of the fourteenth fairway when the shouting starts.You can tell by her Spongebob one-piece bathing suit, her sassy mouth, her messy hair. Steve cranes his head back toward the tee box, a couple of hundred yards away, where a cluster of three men shimmers v...

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