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Our goal is for a safe, happy and friendly environment for all. So come along to an event our fantastic group soon and meet lots of awesome people! THE INSTRUCTOR WILL DO EVERYTHING SHE CAN TO MAKE YOU FEEL WELCOME!!So chill out and kick back on a Monday night and then have a great week!!Well Lee's idea of dating is to take the girl in desert and bang the girl then bang her head and dissapear. :x Well I would take her to any candle lit romantic atmosphere retaurant or if you want to talk and listen to the inner feelings take to sea shore during sun set.If she is into dancing take her to salsa - best dance of two loving souls.Also there's a fine line between being over keen and not keen enough.

I am a personal fan of the thank you text/email the day after your first date - shows you are interested and is also polite.

There is a limit of 20 people and then a waiting list for this weekly event. The car park is small but there should be plenty of places to park on the streets. If you have any concerns or questions email Rosie or Julie or leave a comment on the site. Rosie * There always seems to be a problem with the google map for this may need to use your sat. to find the opposite the Annerley Police Station and Library (Waldeim St)..hotel used to be called the 'Muddy Farmer' on the fork of the road where Annerley and Ipswich Road split....

We are usually at the tables near the stairs that lead to the pokies but sometimes they move us so you may need to ask at the bar or the trivia host or leave a message below....

and what could be more sexier than getting drunk with vodka and sushi !!!

at the end of the night you guys would be hotter than wassabe !!!!!

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