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The three-year cumulative success and survival rates (CSR) were 82.3% and 95.2%, respectively. Ceramic-veneered zirconia is a promising alternative to metal-ceramic FDPs, even in the posterior area.However, the higher survival rate of metal-ceramic FDPs should be noted and both dentists and patients must be aware of the risks of complications.Zirconia is a high-strength ceramic material with high fracture toughness, chemical inertness, and decent aesthetic properties, which is used mainly as a core material for single and multiunit fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) and abutments [3, 4].The high fracture resistance of zirconia is due to the ability of the material to transform from one structural phase to another, when exposed to stress.All other complications during the follow-up period were also registered.The treating dentist conducted clinical follow-up examinations once a year for three years.A few studies have been published on the clinical performance of zirconia restorations.

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The criteria for choosing zirconia FDPs were according to the zirconia manufacturer’s requirements.

The computer-designed substructure is milled either from presintered zirconia blanks (soft milling) followed by densely sintering or from fully sintered blanks (hard milling) in hot isostatic pressed (HIP) zirconia.

The surface of the zirconia substructure may then be veneered with silicate-based porcelain [3].

The phase transformation results in a volume increase in the stress zone, which hinders cracks from growing [5].

Compared to metal-ceramic (MC) FDPs, a zirconia restoration is more aesthetical.

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