Cgi dating script service

Video games, cameras, musical instruments and accessories, lotteries, scratch cards, festivals, concerts, toys, bicycles, dating services, exhibitions, amusement parks, gymnasiums, museums, sporting goods and sporting events, hotels and resorts etc.Installations or campaigns allowing consumers to engage directly with the brand, physical brand spaces such as exhibitions, museums and pop-up stores, in-store displays and merchandising, operations targeting consumers at the point of sale.Online Video entries are eligible for the Film Grand Prix.Upload requirements: 1 video file (or .mp4) of the actual execution. It allows to upload different file types and enter a URL.Luxury fashion and accessories, artisanal and custom-made products, furnishing and housewares, tailoring, jewellery, premium cosmetic products, upscale hotels and resorts, elite travel experiences, value-added services, high status technology, luxury automobiles and other automotive, private aircraft, yachts and motorboats, wines and champagnes.Office supplies, furnishings, industrial and agricultural equipment, packing materials, media sales, temporary help, language schools, learning institutions, trade fairs, communication, recruitment and translation agencies, video surveillance etc.Digital entries are all eligible for the Digital Grand Prix.Upload requirements: A case study video (or .mp4, under 3mn) and/or a presentation board (RGB, .jpeg, landscape orientation, 300dpi// Any commercial under 3mn long that aired on the radio.

All Grand Prix and category winners (gold, silver and bronze) will receive crystal pyramid trophies. For the purpose of identifying winners, a single award and certificate will be attributed to campaigns of several entries.

Including sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, shoes, socks, stockings, hats, gloves, eyewear, writing instruments, wrist watches, jewellery, luggage, hand bags, smoking materials and other portable accessories.

Optical, medical and dental services, toothpastes, condoms, toiletries, tissues, soaps, diapers, shaving products, perfumes, cosmetics, deodorants, hearing aids, hair care and solar protection products, beauty institutes, spas, bath and shower additives etc.

Upload requirements: One audio file (.mp3) of the actual execution or video (or .mp4) compiling both sound and subtitles in English.

Media type only available for the Integrated category.

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