You may need to lift your leg a bit and/or wiggle yourself down onto his penis so he can really get in there, but it’s a really relaxing position for both.

Why it works: As with any penetration from behind, your partner is stimulating your G-spot while you get to cuddle right up against each other.

This one is great for beginners who want to branch out from missionary, but aren’t ready to get totally crazy yet.

How to do it: While on your back, your partner penetrates you from a kneeling position while straddling one of your legs (your choice, obvs.) The leg that isn’t straddled should be lifted into the air where it can happily rest on his shoulder.

You’re locked into positions that you may not have considered and before you know it, you’re realizing your clit is being stimulated in ways you didn’t know possible, you’ve discovered that ― OMG ― you really do have a G-spot after all, and all the while you and your partner are high-fiving yourselves for going the extra mile by stepping outside your comfort zone and realizing there’s so much more to the sexual experience. The best positions for ultimate female satisfaction, positions for beginners, and positions for men with penises on the smaller size (not that size matters! The key to this maneuver is to have your pelvises aligned while your partner penetrates you as your legs are in the air and crossed.

Feel free to rest you “X” against his chest as he uses your shins to pull himself deeper inside you.

How to do it: Just as you would spoon during cuddling, that’s the position you want to take here, too, but you have to be the little spoon (which really is the best spoon, no?

) With both you and your partner on your side, he can penetrate you from behind.


Don’t worry; it’s far less complicated than it sounds.The movement of the hips in a forward and backward motion will insert the dildo at an accelerated rate up to 8” in response to the rhythm of your own body motion. New days to have sex in even more exciting positions.With the My Diletto self-pleasuring chair you can play by yourself or as a couple.Make your riding experience as memorable as your imagination can take you.

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