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Does the intervention of technology threaten the traditionally personal nature of services such as in-home caregiving and medical treatment? Grace Andruszkiewicz and Michelle Maalouf of Aging 2.0 (@Aging20), an organization dedicated to accelerating innovations that improve the lives of older adults, joined the conversation.

Ken Smith (@kssmith1962), director of the Mobility Division of the Stanford Center on Longevity also shared his insights.

Remember the good old days, when all it took was a chat with the girl sitting next to you in your high school classroom and, voila, you had yourself a friend? As the group of friends you forged as an adult shrinks and spreads out across the country for jobs, romances, and life in general, it’s easy to feel the creeping burden of loneliness set in.

Or those nights in college when you were surrounded by a seemingly-endless rotation of drinking buddies, many of whom would grow into true and lasting friends? But even if you’re in a new city, work from home, or you’re a hardcore introvert, making friends — amazing, loyal, wonderful friends — doesn’t have to be difficult or awkward or painful as an adult.

The online chats are not a replacement for psychotherapy or support groups. Read more about each chat below: Participants must agree to the terms posted on the registration page, including posting truthful and appropriate comments, staying on topic, listening to and respecting others, and protecting privacy.

This chat provides a forum for family members and friends to address the stresses and triumphs shared by those caring for someone with a blood cancer.

PT Register now This chat provides a forum for young adult patients (ages 18-39) to address the stresses and triumphs shared by those living with survivorship issues. You don’t have to make it formal or weird; coffee and brunch are basic, sure, but they’re also fun and most people like them.If you’ve been having a good time with them in whatever group setting, chances are they’ll want to hang out, too.And here’s a tip: If it feels too formal to ask them to meet you at a later time, see what they’re up to right after the class or meetup — or before the next one. We all have those people we follow on Instagram and would like to be friends with IRL. If you’ve been following each other on social media and you live in the same area, send a quick message to ask if they want to meet up.Even if you What’s more, social media can be a great place to foster friendships with people you already know but aren’t that close to.

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