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This would indicate that there had been a recent elevation of more than two hundred feet, which had still more recently changed into a movement of subsidence.

The hill was very rugged, biit among dry sticks and fallen trees T found some good insects, mostly of forms and species I was already acquainted with from Ternate and Gilolo. I then reached a path in the swampy forest where I hoped to find some butterflies, but was disappointed.

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For the position of this and the adjacent islands, see the map in Chapter XXXVII. 29 comet, still apparently as brilliant as at first, but the tail had now risen to a higher angle. — All this day we coasted along the Kaioa Islands, which have much the appearance and outline of Ke on a small scale, with the addition of flat swampy tracts along shore, and outlying coral reefs.

He Avas very civil, and came down at once to get it cleared, when we found that the traders had already left, on hearing that I required it.

There were no doors to it, so I obtained the loan of a couple of hurdles to keep out dogs and other animals. Huxley, Professor, on the crania of diil'erent races, ii.

Its situation is fine, and there are grand views on every side. He was a very rich man, owned half the town, possessed many ships, and above a hundred slaves.

The town of Ternate is concealed from view till we enter between the two islands, when it is discovered stretching along the shore at the very base of the mountain. Almost to the summit, whence issue perpetually faint wreaths of smoke, it is clothed with vegetation, and looks calm and beautiful, although beneath are hidden fires which occasionally burst forth in lava-streams, but more frequently make their existence known by the earthquakes which have many times devastated the town. Duivenboden, a native of Ternate, of an ancient Dutch family, but who was, educated in England, and speaks our language per- fectly.

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