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Apparently, our friend Betsy thinks the way to “solve” these sexual assault claims is through monitored mediation between the the victim and the accused (um, what?), because women want to have lengthy conversations with their perpetrators to “hash out” their differences.The five day window doesn’t apply in real-life dating, as the timings are a little different.When you match online, you tend to chat every day after the initial right swipe, whereas real-life dating is more spaced out.

According to their data, there’s a prime window when ghosting is most likely to occur – indicating that if it hasn’t happened at this point, you’re likely to escape being ghosted and either continue dating or get dumped in a responsible, emotionally sensitive manner. The ghosting window is five days after initially matching.

If it’s not balanced, they’re more likely to ghost), and make sure not to take things to personally.

The key is to take things slow, not get too invested too fast, and when ghosting happens, accept that this person clearly wasn’t for you.

Some might argue, in fact, that ghosting after five days chatting on a dating app isn’t ghosting, as you don’t really owe someone a breakup if you’ve only chatting for a few days. If you’ve exchanged a few heys and byes before they disappear without a trace, it’s not really an issue.

If you’ve had a whirlwind messaging romance and then they ditch you five days in, that’s a bit rubbish.

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