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That record stood for 27 years and 3 months until Williams surpassed it in 2013.The following 1976 season holds a unique distinction for Evert, as this was the only time in her career where she won both Wimbledon and the US Open titles in the same year.She defeated Goolagong Cawley in a thrilling three-set final on grass and then dismantled her on clay at Forest Hills, losing just three games.However, Evert lost to Goolagong Cawley again in the final of the Virginia Slims Championships. Evert's 1976 performance earned her Sports Illustrated's title of Sportsman of the Year, one of only four occasions (King, Arthur Ashe and Williams) the award was given to a tennis player.It was Wimbledon's centenary year, coinciding with Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee as monarch.

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Evert had the best of their earlier encounters, at one point holding a 30–18 edge.

She ended the year with a 100–7 match record, winning 16 tournaments including two Grand Slams, having been a finalist in her first Australian Open, and having for a fourth straight year reached the semifinals at the US Open.

She was chosen as the year-end number one by the leading tennis experts and authorities of the day – except Bud Collins – over her closest rivals, King and Evonne Goolagong, each of whom had six titles including a Grand Slam (King the US Open and Goolagong the Australian Open).

In later life Evert was a coach and is now an analyst for ESPN and has a line of tennis and active apparel.

Evert began taking tennis lessons from her father Jimmy Evert when she was five years old. Evert played her first senior tournament in that year also, reaching the semifinals in her hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, losing to Mary-Ann Eisel in three sets.

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