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We tackle psychological issues under a medical paradigm, rather than military one—we are the "victims" of "unhealth" and we need to seek out help from others who will encourage us to "talk about our emotions." There's nothing to struggle against.

The sense of bravery and heroism against fierce opposition is lost.

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As fewer and fewer leadership positions in the church are specifically reserved for men, that problem will only grow worse.

And even most men's groups revolve around family responsibilities—the Promise Keeper's rallies in the 90's focused heavily on getting men to take responsibility for their wives and children.

But if you didn't have a wife or kids, they had little to say to you.

Popular theology (what you'll pick up in the devotional section of a Christian bookstore) just doesn't seem as deep as physics, philosophy, or political science. That's where you're loosing the educated men who ought to be rising leaders in the church.

Parachurch groups such as Inter Varsity are probably doing a little better than the church itself at this point, and hopefully some of their influence will eventually migrate over.

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