Christmas gifts for new boyfriends or just dating

James Stacey, watch expert and senior writer at Hodinkee, opened our eyes to this Japanese watch brand with a cult following.“In the same vein as Seiko, Orient has made a name for themselves with the Bambino because it’s a bit dressier.” This back-massager doesn’t just vibrate — it features nodes that knead and engage sore muscles, simulating Shiatsu massage.This doesn't mean that you give him the identical t-shirt that you saw while shopping.Instead, give him a gift that's on par with what you would expect.For example, get him an exotic jam to put on his morning bagels, choose an aftershave that goes above and beyond the usual drugstore brand or buy a fancy -- yet masculine -- scented French soap.

Make him some kind of homemade goodies, as others have suggested. I recently saw a baby grand piano ornament on ebay for about .00). A new movie that is just coming out is nice for the two of you to share together. We have been together for like 3 months and it's going good. I'm assuming he likes to create art, not just look at it?

A gift that is heartfelt, yet doesn't overstate your romantic intentions, is one that your guy finds useful.

This type of gift tells your boyfriend that you know him well enough to pick out something that he needs, but doesn't make him feel like you're moving too fast. While this might seem impersonal, getting a card from a restaurant where he eats his work lunches or a coffee shop that he goes to every morning will come in handy and show that you pay attention.

He can choose between the rotating Shiatsu-style mode or relaxing rolling movements and turn the cushion’s heat up for even more intense relief.

We asked a menswear trend forecaster to let us in his 2018 predictions for the hottest gifts for guys.

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