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Once a child is born the mother becomes like a relative, not a sexual partner anymore.(This may explain why so many families only have one child).The difference between most Western countries and Japan is that Westerners would divorce or abstain if they were caught in a sexless relationship, while Japanese stay married and have extramarital affairs.

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added that compensated dating girl to avoid the eyes and ears of the police, some people will introduce the guests,

21, according to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" compensated dating activities in Hong Kong in order to evade the police to combat the growing "underground." Social workers said that girls in strokes off the Internet is no longer flaunt the banner, will be "compensated dating" glorified as "rent girlfriend" or "part-time lover,

mod=viewthread&tid=1711171&fromuid=29697," and the use of online games recognize the guests,nike air max 2012, some of the girls at first insisted that only accompany a meal, louis vuitton outlet, shopping, Later, no match for the lure of money and embark on the road of compensated dating.

In addition, enjo activities become more "pyramid schemes" and rely on friends or acquaintances with each other, can be extracted considerable introducer commission to entice students to join the "groom" (intermediaries) ranks in the campus when pimps.

Due to solicit business in the form of varied and subtle, difficult to access social counseling, fearing problems will continue to worsen.

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