Completely mobile dating Rgv sex chat room

Pure simply eradicated all typical dating app functionality that gets in the way of what users are actually looking for.

Think about how you can provide your userbase with value beyond matchmaking.

Subscription can be purchased on a weekly, monthly or six months basis at varying rates.

Her stands somewhere between dating apps and social networks: along with regular Tinder-like swipe it features friend lists, microblogs, comments, likes, and editorial content.

Some launched with a dating website user base; others didn’t. Grindr was first popular gay dating app, while Her evolved from a popular lesbian dating app into a full-scale social network for LGBT women.

The biggest selling point for each of these apps was a fresh, innovative idea at their core. Pure guaranteed anonymity and instant one-time hookups. The main idea behind Pure is that many dating app users are really looking for hookups.

Keeping things simple, Pure’s messaging functionality boils down to specifying a time and a place for a date.

Pure generated ROI early on thanks to its subscription model.

In our previous article on dating apps we provided an extensive guide on how to get initial user traction and keep your user base growing.

Now, we will look specifically at the techniques that have been used by today’s popular mobile dating apps.

There were also launch parties where having the app installed was an entry requirement.

However, the quality of the app itself played a crucial role in Tinder’s launch campaign.

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