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Debt consolidation mortgages come with a structured payment plan and an assured pay-off date.

Payment schedules vary: weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly over a negotiated term.

A budget helps you manage your finances, set financial goals and pay off debt.

It also gives you boundaries on your spending and the freedom to buy what you want guilt-free.

Refinancing your existing mortgage into a consolidation loan combines your debts into one payment.

This is a great option if you have high-interest loans and you're only paying the interest rather than the principal.

Interest rates on equity lines of credit are lower compared to other loans.

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If you are having difficulty making minimum payments on a line of credit or a credit card, it is always worth trying to talk directly to your creditors.

Most credit issuers in Canada have programs that can grant you a payment break or lower your minimum payments.

Make sure that you fully understand the impact of any agreements you make with your creditors.

Once your other debts are paid off, it leaves you with just one loan to pay, rather than several.

To consolidate your debt, ask your lender for a loan equivalent to or beyond the total amount you owe.

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