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She built her world, and manipulated other people's lives by being the best LIAR and best actress in the world. You are the BEST actress i have ever seen, as a matter of fact..... One, that has been a long time getting over, and one, that's been a long time letting go of. I was not only was in fear of her, I was in fear of her fans.

Something that twisted and fucked with a lot of good people. I know at this point, I really am far too old for this shit, but I know also, that even in my own small (and not famous or plastic life), I have just as much right to say NOW what I wanted to say then, but was too afraid of her, and her insanity, and in protecting my parents and loved ones. Everyone should be able to have their day where they say exactly what they have wanted to say to someone who violated them. I've mentioned things here and there, but out of respect for Kurt and Frances, I never fully publicized ALL my feelings on this subject. Countless times I would come out from a club, or the subway, and my car windshield would have been written on with lipstick "you suck", or "fuck you" signed "Courtney. My parents were old and lovely, and didn't deserve that.

You will never know this, and neither will you Tom, but I did talk to him, and I DO know what he told me........ Stay the fuck away from me."about CL over the last few days.

Shouldn't you be happy with your Millions and Millions of dollars that YOU never earned or deserved?

Those of you who know what I am talking about will understand what I mean. -That was one of the other incredibly disturbing aspects of Courtney's lies. Why do some people who got violated by priests, or hurt decades prior suddenly have the need to come forth and tell their story? Has she ever done one thing that was out of the kindness of her heart, or charity, or anything other than promote herself? Knowing millions of people were reading her interviews, etc, and all the rotten things she was saying about me. I was just a small town nobody busker who loved songs and friends, etc...suddenly (very publicly), I was a fictional character she made up. I hope we all find peace (anyone who cares about this case, or Kurt, or even Courtney), and retain a certain amount of empathy , respect, and understanding towards one another.

How it was also a total defamation of Kurt's character within the context of her lie, and her wording. It was her who planted any of the fucked up attention it got to begin with. In the past, I let (or, I thought I had), let it go. It might have something to do with these movies coming out, and having to partially re-live a feeling that never really went away. Seeing her or even hearing about her, kind of jolts me into anger. I was absolutely emotionally violated by her, and it hurt me more than anyone will ever know. There was no way to fight back-she was too powerful and no one would have believed me(trying to fight her lies), nor, would they have given a shit. I still am pretty much a no one in comparison with her, but I am much more fearless now. I know she's all for "chicks should rock".....yea, well no shit.... She made me feel like a frightened child after she emotionally abused and violated me. All I know is that they were two very sick people at the time. I would say forgiveness, but that one is too hard when it comes to her....

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Cobain’s ex accuses Love of defamation of character following the 1994 death of then husband Kurt.“I just sat, silently, and watched her lie about me (and everything and everyone else) She built her world, and manipulated other people’s lives by being the best LIAR and best actress in the world.Kurt Cobain fans are usually very passionate about Courtney Love and the influence she had on Cobain during their relationship.The pair were married until Cobain took his life, and while there has been a popular conspiracy about Love’s involvement in Kurt’s death, no one close to Kurt has spoken about Courtney in a bad light in a long time.(June 19, 2014 to August 24, 2014) She acted in the musical, "Smokey Joe's Café," at the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas with Alexander Aguilar, Melody Betts, La Vance Colley, Antwyn Hopper, James T. [on her music career with Hole] "I said this band is going to be ten times bigger than Sonic Youth but not as big as Jane's Addiction.

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