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work on ladders, and operation of power-driven machinery).In addition to laws specifically regulating minors employed in the agricultural industry, Connecticut law has a variety of regulations that cover child labor in general. Instead of printing out pages of mandatory Connecticut and Federal labor law posters, you can purchase a professional, laminated all-in-one labor law poster that guarantees compliance with all Connecticut and federal posting requirements. In most cases, agricultural child labor laws do not apply to children working on their family's farm.Many traditionally agricultural states have less restrictive child labor laws in this area.Recreational marijuana remains illegal in Connecticut as of now, but the state has passed comprehensive medical marijuana legislation and has even opened up its program to minors. First time offenders caught in possession of ½ ounce of marijuana is susceptible to a 0 fine. No– the use, possession, and distribution of marijuana for recreational purposes are illegal and charged as a civil penalty.

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Under the law, qualified patients can possess the amount that is ‘reasonably necessary’ for a one month’s supply.

The effective age of the transfer for UTMA purposes is 18 for transfers by gift, exercise of a power of appointment, will or trust, unless the transferor has specified in writing in the transferring instrument that the transfer shall not occur until the minor attains a later age, not to exceed twenty-one.

The UTMA effective age for transfers other than by gift, power of appointment, will or trust is set as the State's standard age of majority, which is 18.

Repeat offenders or offenders caught with larger quantities can receive imprisonment of 1 year to 10 years and fines ranging from 00 to ,000.

A majority of Connecticut voters support marijuana legalization.

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