Dating a diplomat

I call him the Diplomat because he’s a reader who wants to stay anonymous…and he’s a retired diplomat. I wasn’t sure if he was talking about myasthenia or mayonnaise.

The diplomat wanted to meet me at the Mingalabar restaurant.

His wives were: His playboy lifestyle was matched by stories of his sexual prowess.

His reputedly larger than average penis size inspired Parisian waiters at Maxim's to name gigantic pepper mills “Rubirosas”.

Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza (January 22, 1909 – July 5, 1965) was a Dominican diplomat, race car driver, soldier and polo player.

He was an adherent of the dictator Rafael Trujillo, and was also rumored to be a political assassin under his regime.

Rubirosa entered one Formula One race, in 1955, the Grand Prix de Bordeaux on April 25.

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Rubirosa was married five times, but never had any children.

According to him, dating Myanmar girls is like a beautiful secret that nobody knows about.

Here’s what his 16 years of experience taught him…​I have to be honest. She had tears in her eyes because she couldn’t believe that a man was cooking for her.

The name stuck and has been in use all over the world.

After World War II, Rubirosa became engaged in two major passions, polo and car racing, both expensive sports that would be supported in years to come by his wives.

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