Dating a friend ex wife

She doesn’t work, and she collects disability from the government and spousal support and child support from Adam.She attaches herself to every ailment for which she can find a symptom, and is on all kinds of medication.One option might be for Adam and his ex to see a therapist who can help them navigate their co-parenting arrangement, creating parameters and offering tools for handling the kids when his ex is alone with them.If it turns out that even with these parameters and tools, she’s unable to care for the kids without calling for help, he can try to change the custody arrangement until she works out her own issues and feels capable of caring for them solo.Also, I just found out that they are both on a trip together. I am not sure why she would just stop talking to me. You're devastated that your ex stole your friend, but it sounds like you can live with the fact that your friend stole your ex.My ex-husband lied about who he went with, and she and I haven't talked, so I guess hasn't lied to me. That's good news – because it means you can probably deal with them as a couple ( that's what they are), as long as they're good to you. Either way, let your ex know that it's always better to keep you in the loop.But others will require you both to talk about your expectations in this relationship.While you want to be with Adam, you must understand that the person you’re in love with is somebody who has a family.

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If you can begin to really accept and ultimately embrace the reality that his kids come first without taking it personally, then you and Adam can sit down and figure out what can be done to improve the situation with their mother.We seem to keep having the same fights about his needy ex-wife and the negative impact she has on our relationship.Despite my wish to appear mature and chill, I have a strong distaste for the ex-wife.Adam knows how I feel and tries to handle these situations without hurting my feelings, but it’s really difficult to care for the kids while keeping the ex out because she has completely tied herself to the kids.Adam and I love each other deeply and cherish being in each other’s lives, but a shadow of the ex-wife seems to loom over and create tension between us.

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